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KG's Live Reaction Of The Celtics' Game Last Night Is Something Everyone Should See


NBA legend Kevin Garnett may be retired, but it doesn't mean he's stopped rooting for the Celtics.

On the club, KG forged what would become an iconic career, winning an NBA Championship while keeping himself in the MVP conversation. Those days are over now, but it's no hard to tell that the former pro-baller still has much love for his former ball club.

During last night's game against the Rockets, the C's came back from a huge deficit, eventually winning the game off an Al Horford game-winner. And as good as that was, it's the live reaction by Kevin Garnett that's garnering some serious attention.

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KG's "Area 21" has become somewhat of a phenom since its introduction, and moments like these will no doubt help the show keep going.

But if there's one thing we learned from all of this, it has go tot be this: once a Celtic, always a Celtic.