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Kevin Durant Embraces The Haters


Snake, Cupcake, Loser, Softy... those are the many names of Kevin Durant nowadays, in an era that practically hates him for making the move to Golden State last summer.

For what it's worth, Durant has seemed relatively unphased by the hate, winning his first Championship and Finals MVP in the 2017 NBA Finals.

Still, for KD, it is not enough to just ignore the haters. For him, making a fool out of all of them is what it's really all about. And in his latest model of signature shoes, that's exactly what he did.

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If you look closely (or just read the caption), you'll notice that there's a snake designed on the tongue of the footwear. No doubt, it is in reference to him being called "Snake" by those who despise him most.

Well, to those people, with messages like these, it'll soon settle in that Durant isn't content with letting the slander fly. If you bash on him, be prepared to be fought back.