Jordan Clarkson's Insane Theory Might Be The Craziest Thing You'll Hear All Day

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The Cleveland Cavaliers must have something strange going on in their locker room.

First, it was Kyrie Irving and his "flat-earth" theories, and now it's Jordan Clarkson talking some nonsense about giant humans, dinosaurs, and a bizarre explanation for what may have happened in the past.

Here's what he said on Richard Jefferson's infamous "Road Trippin'" podcast:

"Y'all know how we got dogs and stuff right? So, I think there was bigger people in the world before us..and like the dinosaurs was they pets"

The thought of giant beings keeping ferocious, meat-eating dinosaurs as pets certainly seems like a stretch to most. But apparently to Clarkson, it's a totally feasible scenario.

No doubt, he's giving Kyrie some serious competition.