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Jordan Clarkson's Insane Theory Might Be The Craziest Thing You'll Hear All Day


The Cleveland Cavaliers must have something strange going on in their locker room.

First, it was Kyrie Irving and his "flat-earth" theories, and now it's Jordan Clarkson talking some nonsense about giant humans, dinosaurs, and a bizarre explanation for what may have happened in the past.

Here's what he said on Richard Jefferson's infamous "Road Trippin'" podcast:

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"Y'all know how we got dogs and stuff right? So, I think there was bigger people in the world before us..and like the dinosaurs was they pets"

The thought of giant beings keeping ferocious, meat-eating dinosaurs as pets certainly seems like a stretch to most. But apparently to Clarkson, it's a totally feasible scenario.

No doubt, he's giving Kyrie some serious competition.