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Joel Embiid Doesn't Practice


Without their star big-man Joel Embiid, the Philadelphia 76ers wouldn't be nearly the team they are today. Without their talented young Center, "The Process" wouldn't exist.

Yet, with as much impact as he makes on the basketball floor, the guy doesn't even practice. The confession came straight from the lips of Sixers head coach Brett Brown in an appearance on the Woj podcast.

... when you look at what he's done and he effectively hasn't practiced. We are moving him forward where he'll get on a normal routine like his teammates are on where you're just like a normal part of the moving parts of a team. Right now, that hasn't happened. We've done everything we can to deliver him to the court on game night. He's obviously a participant in film sessions and walkthroughs. But I think when he's actually practising and getting his cardio and his basketball rhythm down, I think, "Look out." I think he's been really strong to date just because he's that good. I think when he starts being with the team more and practising with his teammates more, then the upside is off the charts.

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For those that have been paying attention, this must be pretty amazing news. Embiid is effectively averaging 23.8 points per game, 10.9 rebounds, and 2 blocks on 48.9% shooting for the season, making him one of the NBA's best frontcourt players.

The fact that he's been that good without a ton of practice time really shows how good the guy is, on a natural level. If he can get the work in, "The Process" could get even scarier.