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James Harden, Kevin Love, Paul George, and Kyrie Irving All Have One Thing In Common, And It's Pretty Wild


Every once in a while, you'll find one of those crazy NBA stats that just makes your head spin.

While this particular one does not necessarily involve statistical numbers, it's still crazy nonetheless. And, in case you didn't guess, it's all centered around Splash Bro # 2.

In a Reddit post by thermohydrometric2, the user points out that James Harden, Kevin Love, Paul George and Kyrie Irving have all, at one point or another, been offered in a trade for Klay Thompson. Considering these stars (all in their primes, by the way) are amongst the best in the entire NBA, that's a pretty shocking connection.

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4 All-Star players in their primes right now have at some point in the past been offered for Klay Thompson. from nba

And although Klay Thompson is a pretty exceptional player, he's not much better than any of the guys on the list... and is probably worse than a few of them.

Yet, somehow, the Warriors almost traded him for one of them. And while it is true that none of the players ended up a Warrior (thankfully), they'll forever share the unique bond of having almost been traded to there. That's just something you don't see everyday...