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Jabari Parker's Stats Reveal The Truth: He Had A Better Season Than A Popular Young Star


The 2014 NBA Draft won't go down as one of the better ones. In fact, there are only a few names on that list of 60 that have really shown any star potential.

The 6'8" Milwaukee Buck forward out of Duke University is one of them. Although he's been riddled with injury during his young NBA career, Jabari Parker has always shown some real promise on the court. His scoring and athleticism have proven valuable for an organization in desperate need of additional star power.

Strange thing is, nobody has given him the light of day. When you hear about the 2014 draft class, most would mention underwhelming Andrew Wiggins and injury prone Joel Embiid before Jabari.

As you keep that fact in mind, let us look at a young star on the other end of the spectrum: Devin Booker. Considered by many to be amongst the best and most promising young stars in the league, most are already calling him the next big superstar.

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It may not seem very likely, but when you take a closer look at the two players, you begin to notice that they may have more in common than people think.

Yes, Jabari Parker has suffered several season-ending injuries. And yes, he's never scored 70 points in a game. However, comparing the stats between Jabari and Booker reveals that Jabari was as good or better than Booker in just about every stat of the game last season. Statwise, Jabari literally outperformed Booker in almost every asset.

And thanks to Reddit user speakerof555, we can see that reality for ourselves. Parker shot better from the field (by over 6 percent), grabs more steals, blocks more shots, has fewer turnovers, and scored just 1.1 fewer points per game than Booker did.

This truth may not change your opinion on who's better, but it should make you wonder why Jabari Parker has been so overlooked. Even for a guy that's struggled with injuries, his impressive stat line should be generating way more attention.

Regardless, the future looks bright for both of these young stars. And although they're on opposite sides of the country, their talent level isn't as far apart as we've been lead to believe.