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J.J. Reddick Is Not Convinced Dinosaurs Were Real


First flat-earthers, and now Dino-deniers?

After Kyrie Irving started the whole conspiracy about earth's shape in space, it appears that he's reeled in yet another star into his outlandish beliefs... except this time, it has to do with the existence of certain life on earth, not the actual earth itself.

During one of his podcasts, Kyrie Irving made an appearance, when J.J. admitted a very controverisal topic.

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"I am not convinced that Dinosaurs existed."

According to Reddick, the notion that Dinosaurs existed is one that he doesn't entirely buy. He talks about how some scientist coined the term 150 years ago and all of a sudden we started "discovering" fossils.

Obviously, science seems to go against Reddick's claims, with fossils and molds to back up their side. Still, there's not necessarily an easy way to prove he's completely wrong. Couldn't the "evidence" be a fabrication of their own ideas?

Whatever side you beleive, it's becoming evidently clear that this new wave of radical thinking is taking the NBA by storm.