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Is Tristan Thompson On The Worst Contract In NBA History?


It may be hard to remember at this point, but Tristan Thompson was once invaluable for the Cavs organization.

He provided an intense spark off the bench, grabbing offense boards and changing the momentum of the game with awesome hustle plays around the rim. This play earned him a huge payday with the Cavaliers in 2015, netting him a contract worth 82 million dollars.

Looking back on it now, the Cavaliers probably regret that decision.

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With Thompson making about $16 million this season, his play should, at least, reach double-double status. But, unfortunately for Cleveland, he's averaging just a measly 4.1 points per game. Despite being a supposed "specialty," in the rebounding category, he's only averaging 4.8 per game as well, ranking 113th in the NBA.

Nobody quite knows what the deal is here. Is Thompson injured? Is he distracted? Has he just lost his touch? Is it the Kardashian curse? His seemingly random drop-off has everyone baffled.

But no matter the reason, his abysmal performance this season has him ranked in everyone's books as one of the worst contracts in the league. And, unless he can get himself together, it may be his last.