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Instagram Model Hints That Kristaps Porzingis Sliding In To Her DM's May Just Be Working

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Hey, remember how we told you about a week ago how New York Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis was trying his luck at messaging an extremely popular Instagram model?

Well the madman's advances may just be beginning to work out for him.

Kristaps has been "caught" -- I put caught in quotation marks because let's be honest, I don't think he wants to keep his advances a secret -- being very active on Jen Selter's Instagram posts, liking and even commenting on a few, and has even been exposed shooting messages into her inbox, and after all that hard work, Selter may have taken notice of the young star -- not that he's hard to miss standing at 7'3.

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Anyone else notice that unicorn emoji? Who in the world could she possibly be referring to?

Now, these are only subtle signs that the two may be on speaking terms with each other, and they could possibly mean nothing at all. But for someone with that much of a social media following, almost everything they post is calculated. There's almost no chance with all the rumors floating about that she decides to use that unicorn emoji for the sake of it.

Kristaps, you shot your shot, and if everything goes to plan, it may just go in, all net even.