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Insane NBA Game: What's The Longest Overtime Game Ever?


On Friday, the NBA was not short of entertaining games. By far, though, the biggest game of the night happened between the Thunder and Sixers. Besides the fact that stars from both teams dominated on the floor, the game was an extra special one, being the first of the season to go into triple overtime.

The super-long game got us thinking: what's the longest OT game to ever be played?

Amazingly, we had to go way back to 1950 (hat-tip to Reddit user RealyNigu). The Indianapolis Olympians and Rochester Royals played a game (the only in NBA History) that went to six overtimes. The kicker? The Olympians scraped by with the win, with the score only being 75-73. Considering most teams of today pass those margins in the third quarter, it's fair to say that they had quite a rough time scoring (although, it's fair to consider that this was before the shot-clock era.)

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People often talk about "unbreakable" records, especially when it comes to individual achievements. But this stat, well, this could be one that proves just as impossible to surpass.

There was one game in NBA history with 6 OT and the score was only 75-73 from nba