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Huge L.A. Superfan Goes To Great Lengths To Recruit LeBron


Despite the fact that he's 33 years-old, LeBron James rules the basketball world... and everyone knows it.

His basketball ability on the court is unmatched, while his off-court marketability is almost just as powerful. Pretty much every team in the NBA would die for a chance to sign him. In Philly, one fan even put up billboards in an attempt to lure his services into town this summer.

But in Los Angeles, one mega-fan decided to make some billboards of his own, in his less-than-subtle way of trying to bring LeBron James to the Lakers. The fan's name is Emrani, owner of The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani. The billboards he paid for all have the hashtag #LABron on them. One also says "Cleveland & Philly, You Can't Compete with L.A." with a No. 23 jersey in purple accompanied by a gold crown. Another says "FORGET THE PROCESS, WE WIN BANNERS!"

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Considering the richness of L.A. culture, it's no surprise that the fans are not making their recruiting efforts subtle. Still, did anybody envision this? Clearly, the guy is passionate about bringing in the next big Laker superstar.

In the future, Emrani also plans to make one for Paul George, who can be a free-agent this summer as well.

And while the plans for either of them is not entirely known just yet, it's hard not to say that this wouldn't at least capture their attention. It certainly captured ours...