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How Steph Curry Completely Wrecked A Hotel Room


Stephen Curry is pretty hard to beat when it comes to NBA basketball.

On the golf course, however, he's not exactly the greatest in that regard. His hotel room proves it. Because the Golden State Warriors have a four-day break following Friday night’s game in Atlanta, the self-proclaimed golf enthusiast Steph Curry was able to get in some tee-time at Augusta National for himself and teammates Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala.

Everything worked great until a friendly game of golf turned into a messy game of clean-up.

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During the event, things got a little... hectic. Clubs were swung, tables were wrecked, and egos were ultimately put in check. The Golden State point guard completely wrecked his hotel room, shattering a glass table into pieces.

No doubt, Steph has got a little ways to go before he wants to hit the green again. Then again... maybe he should just stick to basketball.