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Golden State Watchers? Lawsuit Against The Warriors Claims They Were Spying On Fans


When it comes to the basketball court, the Golden State Warriors can usually handle anything that comes their way.

But in this case, it's an issue off the court that may result in some serious consequences. In a lawsuit against the team, fan LaTisha Satchell claims that one of the app’s promotional tools turns a user’s phone microphone on and keeps it on, recording everything within earshot while relaying data back to the Warriors and a tech company, in possible violation of wiretap laws.

Originally, the snooping program started as an effort to sell merchandise and ticket upgrades, which Kelly Wiell explains on

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"The unlikely snooping program started as an effort to sell merchandise and ticket upgrades, the suit contends. The Warriors wanted to know when fans were on Warrior-owned property, and how long they stayed there. The app tracked this through audio “beacons” that played through special transmitters in their arena and stores, the suit alleges. The app listened for those beacons and sent customized advertisements to a user’s phone."

Satchell's lawsuit claims, however, that the app doesn't stop "recording" when its users leave the store or arena, and would continue to listen in on random conversations while tracking their location in the background. The whole thing is a bit complicated, but the app clearly went well beyond the scopes of what its users agreed to, and may have overstepped privacy laws in the process.

While there's still a lot to uncover with this story, the Warriors must be glad that their game on the floor is going much better than their game off of it.