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Gerald Green Lost A Finger On His Right Hand While Dunking


Gerald Green has always been one of the most explosive players in the NBA, with his impressive ability to take a huge leap and dunk from pretty much everywhere on the floor, showing vast strength, speed and athleticism.

As a matter of fact, he’s made a name for himself in the league pretty much solely thanks to his dunking ability, as he’s quite a one-dimensional player with no other significant forte on his game since entering the league several campaigns ago.

But, what if we told you that one of the game’s most impressive dunkers isn’t even able to palm a ball with his right hands due to... Dunking? Let’s tell you the story about how Gerald Green lost half a finger during his childhood.

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Green was already a ranked prospect during his early years, and his younger brother knew that Gerald’s hops were through the roof and constantly encouraged and dared to impress him with his vertical leap.

So one of those days, when Green was teasing his younger brother about his lack of hops, things didn’t go out quite well, as Gerald wore his mother ring as if it was an NBA Championship ring, and while trying to dunk on a makeshift hoop attached to his door, the ring caught a nail and completely ripped the finger of the 11-year-old off of the bone.

“I was teasing my brother, ‘You can’t jump this high,’ ” Green said. “I went up and I yanked my finger off. It was still intact but they couldn’t save it during surgery,”

“If I could palm a ball I probably could have more dunks than I have in my career, but I still can get the job done”

To this day, Gerald Green still hides his finger from his teammates and pretty much everybody else, as he doesn’t enjoy talking about it much, although it shows that he had to work twice as hard as everybody to get to the NBA.