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#FreeJah Could Become The NBA's Newest Movement


Here's a question for you: why the heck is Jahlil Okafor still a 76er?

Since day one, the young Center never seemed like an ideal fit in Philadelphia. While having a decent rookie season, the room for Jahlil's growth and spotlight drastically dwindled after the resurgence of Joel Embiid and Dario Saric. And with Ben Simmons looking like a Rookie of The Year favorite, Okafor is pretty much the odd man out on the Philly roster.

Everybody knows that he doesn't belong there... even Jah's own father.

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In Saturday night's game against the Warriors, Okafor's father was spotted wearing a "Free Jah" t-shirt, no doubt in reference to Okafor's relationship with the 76ers.

With the NBA season continuing on, and with the Sixers showing no signs of making a deal anytime soon, could "Free Jah" become the NBA's next big movement? While admittedly far-fetched (because the public hardly remembers Okafor anymore), it could certainly pick up steam if enough rally behind the cause.

Obviously, the team is not focused on a trade deal so early in the season, but a move would certainly benefit everyone involved.

It's time to see what this kid can really do, and we'll never see it as long as Jah continues to don a Sixers jersey.