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Find Out Your NBA Name Using The NBA Name Generator


The NBA has to be up there among the best league's in the world when it comes to having the weirdest player names.

With players such as LeBron James, Dwyane (spelled wrong) Wade, Metta World Peace, and God Shammgod all gracing the NBA hardwood over the years, the association has had its fair share of weird and wacky player names.

It seems like if you want to be an NBA superstar, one of the prerequisites is that you have to have a unique and memorable name that can easily be used for marketing purposes before you join the NBA elite. I mean, have you ever seen an MVP named John Smith? That's what I thought.

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If your name does happen to be John Smith however, you're not totally out of luck just yet. Thanks to The Score on Instagram, you now have the chance to form your very own NBA player name by using the first letter of your first name and surname. How easy is that? Now instead of John Smith, the borderline bench warmer and 1.2 career PPG average holder, you can be Prince Ball, the heir to the Ball family throne and a future 5-time MVP. Let us know your NBA player names in the comments!

Credit: TheScore/Instagram

Credit: TheScore/Instagram