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Fantasy Basketball: Ranking The Top 5 Sleepers for 2017-18

Fantasy Basketball: Ranking The Top 5 Sleepers for 2017-18

If you’re an NBA fan, you’re pretty likely to be caught up in the daily NBA Fantasy madness, and with the NBA season just around the corner, you better start to do your homework and do some research to find the best players for the best price to completely shatter your buddies’ teams.

Of course, there are absolutely no-brainer picks if you’re playing in a draft league, and you wouldn’t hesitate to just grab Kevin Durant, James Harden or Russell Westbrook if you get the chance to do so.

But, when it comes to the fantasy draft, you’re very likely to have to pay a stock price for every player, and considering you won’t be able to just fill your roster with All-Stars, you really need to choose carefully who you trust your money with.

Gladly for you, we’re bound to make your life way easier with this upcoming paragraphs, as we’re going to give you 5 NBA Fantasy sleepers that might as well lead your squad to the Championship.

For all those that are not familiar with the slang and don’t know what a sleeper is, it’s simply a guy that may not seem like a lock to be a star so other managers sleep on him and don’t even waste a second of their time on them, but considering the system he plays in could actually be extremely productive. So, let’s go!

5. Domantas Sabonis - Indiana Pacers


Domantas Sabonis had some pretty decent games this prior campaign with the Oklahoma City Thunder before losing his starting gig against Taj Gibson when the team tried to push for a postseason run.

Now, he’s bound to have a lot of touches in offense with the Pacers looking to move Thad Young as soon as they can, and even though Domantas isn’t nearly as good as his old man was, he’s still a pretty good source of points, boards, three-pointers and even an occasional block or two, and he looks poised for a breakout year now on a Pacers squad that’s set to tank from day one.

4. Kris Dunn - Chicago Bulls

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Kris Dunn hasn’t been able to live up to the hype that surrounded him back when he was one of the most desired prospects in the nation, mostly because he had to share touches with Tyus Jones and Ricky Rubio before finally heading to Chicago to be the frontrunner to run the team’s offense.

The Bulls are going to be a major disaster this upcoming campaign, but considering that he hasn’t much competition in Jerami Grant and an injured Cameron Payne, he’s looking for a bounce-back season as one of the few scorers in the team. Dunn’s strength and athleticism will get him a lot free throws, while he’s shown his defensive upside and seems to be a lock to average at least 7 assists per game as well as being a very good rebounder at the point.

3. Clint Capela - Houston Rockets


With Chris Paul and James Harden on the same team, it’s pretty likely that nobody’s expecting much on offense from Clint Capela this upcoming season, and his price shouldn’t be very high despite being the team’s undisputed starter at center.

Nonetheless, Capela’s vastly improved since day one and is coming off a career year in pretty much every single stat, and with Paul running the point he’s entering this season as a DeAndre Jordan-esq choice on a fast-paced offense that’s going to get him a lot of lobs. We already know his defensive potential and his ability to own the glass, so now that he’s going to provide some points with a very high shooting percentage, he’s going to be a very good asset for this upcoming season.

2. Malcolm Brogdon - Milwaukee Bucks

Dec 1, 2016; Brooklyn, NY, USA;  Milwaukee Bucks guard Malcolm Brogdon (13) advances the ball during the first quarter against the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The reigning Rookie of the Year will enter this season trying to have as much success he had the prior campaign, but with how loaded the Milwaukee Bucks are right now, he may not look like the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd scoring option and he may not even start at all.

Nonetheless, he’s definitely going to lead the team’s second unit and have starter minutes, and even though he may not get as much offensive volume as you’ll like, he’s a sure source or a bit of everything you need to take home the victory on a nightly basis. Brogdon is a very versatile guy and may not come expensive at all, and he’ll be a guarantee of assists, steals, a handful of points, even some boards and is a very consistent scorer, so he won’t hurt your percentages a bit.

1. Dennis Smith Jr - Dallas Mavericks


And last but not least, we’re naming one of our sleepers not only for this upcoming season’s NBA Fantasy, but also to take home the Rookie of the Year award after his first season as a pro taking the reins of a lost Dallas Mavericks squad that’s desperate for a point guard for the future after yet another fiasco this past season.

Smith is set to have as many shots as he wants and even though he still needs to improve in this matter, he’s proven to be an above the average defender for his age, a very good passer, and an athletic beast that could posterize the strongest defenders in the nation.