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ESPN's "The Shop": LeBron And Draymond At The Barber


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Draymond Green, LeBron James and 2 Chainz were all chatting in the same Barber shop? Well, thanks to ESPN's Uninterrupted we don't have to wonder. Their newest video features a myriad of stars and their eventful trip to the barbershop.

The video is the first of many to come in a new series by Uninterrupted called "The Shop." For this premier episode, it features NBA stars LeBron, Draymond, and other guests engaging in multiple conversations about basketball, music, the Olympics and more.

The episode also features a segment on LeBron's thoughts on his return to Cleveland, and how Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert treated him when he left for Miami. While the episode was filmed during All-Star weekend, most of the dialogue likely remains true today.

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Sometimes, getting a glimpse of our favorite stars in everyday action can be very interesting. In this case, watching the 30 minute video is worth every second of your time. With Game 5 of the NBA Finals not starting until Monday, the episode can surely soothe your basketball craving. At least, for a while.