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ESPN Twisted Kobe's Words, And He's Pissed About It


You know the old saying, "Never believe what the media tells you?"

Probably not... because nobody ever says it. But it couldn't be more true in today's world. The current situation between Kobe Bryant and ESPN proves that fact.

On Friday night, ESPN sent out a story that indicated Bryant was delivering heavy criticism on Laker rookie, Lonzo Ball. If you were just seeing thier graphic for the first time, it probably looks like Bryant is delivering heavy criticism in Lonzo’s direction. But it also suggests that Lonzo is going about his development “patiently” and you could take it to mean that Ball isn’t working hard enough to improve.

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And while the mamba did technically say those words, they were taken a bit out of context. In actuality, Bryant's full quote tells a much different tale. Kobe talks about how development almost happens by accident if you have that urgency to win now. And, instead of accepting that with patience, development comes. In other words, if you’re trying to compete on every possession in every game, rather than ‘being patient’ you will inevitably develop because of how hard you’re working at all times. Obviously, ESPN chose to go for clicks over accuracy -- and perhaps sacrificed some of their reputation in the process. Afterwards, Kobe sent out a series of anti-ESPN tweets, in which he sparred no filter on his distaste for the network. For the multi-million dollar sports network, this isn't anything that will change things forever. But it definitely hurts, especially when you lose the support of one of the NBA's most beloved athletes.