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Enes Kanter And Jared Dudley Are Now Involved In The NBA's Biggest Twitter Beef


Oh, New York Knicks center Enes Kanter is talking smack on Twitter again? That's something I haven't heard of before.

Kanter is now infamous around the NBA for his social media quips after games, sometimes commenting on games that he hasn't even played in just to stir the pot.

Kanter's antics make for good entertainment for Knicks' fans and NBA fans who love a bit of drama, but they've seemed to draw the ire of Phoenix Suns forward Jared Dudley.

During the Knicks' game against the Suns on Friday night, Kanter got into it with young star Devin Booker after swatting him and staring him down.

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Well, Kanter and the Knicks eventually won the game, and Enes just had to rub a bit of salt into the wounds of Booker.

I gotta admit, that tweet elicited a chuckle out of myself.

Anyhow, the Suns got wind of Kanter's tweet, and Dudley came to defend Booker.

Dudley tried to humble Kanter a bit with his words, commenting on the Knicks' record and calling Enes a 'fake tough guy'. Well, Kanter responded the only way he knows how. Ouch. The tweet obviously struck a nerve with Dudley, as he had time for one more response before calling it a night, and Jared took aim at Kanter's skills, taking a legitimate shot at one of the center's weaknesses on the court.

Yeah, R.I.P.

Unfortunately for us, the Suns and Knicks won't be facing off for the rest of the season, so we won't get to see Kanter and Dudley go head-to-head, but there's always room for more Twitter wars, that's for sure.