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Dwyane Wade Trolls Jimmy Butler On Instagram After Posting Rehab Picture


The season-ending injury to All-Star Jimmy Butler just a few weeks ago was a shot in the heart of Timberwolves fans. One of the Wolves' most recent free agent pickups, Butler -- who sat out the All-Star game itself to rest -- tore his meniscus in his right knee one game after the All-Star break, sidelining him for the rest of the regular season at the very least.

Minnesota is currently on pace to make the playoffs for the first time since the days of Kevin Garnett behind the play of Karl-Anthony Towns and Butler, and the injury to Butler may put a dent in their postseason plans.

Despite the dire forecast for the Wolves and the injury itself to Jimmy, that doesn't mean a few of Butler's friends can't throw a few jokes around on social media at Jimmy's expense.

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Jimmy Buckets recently posted a picture on Instagram of his rehab efforts with the caption "chin up high. knee up higher! ill be back like I️ never left.. #watchthiscomeback". Dwyane Wade, who played alongside Butler in Chicago in 2016, and has been through his fair share of knee injuries, thought Butler was being a tad dramatic in his caption, and poked a little fun at the shooting guard.

Most people caught on that there was no ill will on Dwyane's part because of their prior history in Chicago, and you can bet Jimmy got a chuckle out of the comment, especially since it was coming from Wade himself.