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Draymond Green Called Out Adam Schefter After Bennie Fowler TD Controversy

Draymond Green Adam Schefter

It all started with Schefter questioning Broncos WR Bennie Fowler for running into the end zone with three minutes left in the game, rather than stopping short to kill time.

The Broncos were already up 17-16 at the time and the Chiefs had no timeouts remaining, so Schefter does have a point here.

However, Draymond Green doesn't believe in good points.

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Naturally, Schefter fired back with more evidence to support his statement.

Green then proceeded to respond the way every other athlete who gets proven wrong by the media does.

Sure, Schefter may not know what it's like to be in such a high-stakes moment, but Green perhaps needs to admit that leaving three minutes on the clock in a one-score game probably isn't the best of ideas.



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