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Donovan Mitchell Helps Out Jazz Fan On Twitter Who Was Looking For A Date


Not only is Utah Jazz Rookie Donovan Mitchell one of the most exciting rookies this year in the NBA, as well as a slam dunk contest champion, the Jazz's newest star can also play the role of cupid over Twitter it seems.

Sometimes, it can take a huge gesture from a man interested in a woman to take them out on a date, and Mitchell, who is only 21 years old, understands this. That's why Donovan was so understanding when a Jazz fan DM'ed Mitchell on Twitter asking for a pair of tickets to an upcoming Jazz game in Salt Lake City so he could ask out his chemistry classmate to the game.

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Not only did the kid in question get a response from Mitchell on Twitter, the shooting guard actually came through and got two tickets for the kid and his crush from chemistry.

Even though Donovan already had a fast-growing fanbase due to his breakout rookie year and recent dunk contest win, this kind gesture definitely would have won over the hearts of many other prospective fans.

And the fan in question? It's fair to say the entire NBA world will be rooting for this kid. If two free tickets to a Utah Jazz home game isn't enough to win over the heart of his crush, nothing will.