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December 2nd Marks The Fulfillment Of A Long-Awaited Matchup


Back in October, a little rivalry was sparked between two NBA big-men. It started when one player dared to call out the defense of a fellow Eastern Conference star, and the result has us all oozing with anticipation.

The two guys are Andre Drummond and (unsurprisingly), Joel Embiid. The two are known as some of the East's best Center's and are both also helping their teams perform at a high level.

After Embiid accused Dre of playing "no defense," the Pistons' Center responded with a simple tweet: "See you on Dec 2nd"

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Luckily for us, that day has finally arrived. As the two face off in less than 24 hours, they'll no doubt be prepared for an... emotional affair. But with each respective team trying to hold on to their current positions in the conference, the game isn't all personal, either.

From every angle, though, it appears that this Pistons-Sixers game will be one for the books -- but, then again, when is any game involving Joel Embiid not?