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Cleveland Billboard Responds To Philadelphia Billboard Trying To Recruit LeBron James


Well, this is one way to try and keep your hometown superstar.

Earlier this week, a Philadelphia-based home-remodelling company, who are heavily invested in basketball, bought out three billboards in Cleveland, all three of them boasting individual designs trying to recruit LeBron James to join the 76ers this free agency period.

The billboards read "#PHILLYWANTSLEBRON", "COMPLETE THE PROCESS", and one had an image of the 76ers' starting five in number format, with 25 for Simmons, 21 for Embiid, 9 for Saric, 33 for Covington, and a 23 with a crown on top for LeBron.

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The advertisements seemed to have an effect on James, who described the recruitment tactic as "dope", which may have set the wheels into motion for the response from Wild Eagle Saloon.

The Cleveland-based restaurant bought out their own bigger billboard addressing Philadelphia directly, and they weren't too kind.

Even if it's hidden under the subtly of the crown, you can pretty much guess what the billboard is trying to say.

Free agency is still 6 months away, and yet cities are already at war trying to woo LeBron to head their way. Imagine what it's going to be like once we actually do hit the offseason.