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Chris Paul: All The Playoff Exits In His Career

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Chris Paul is one of the NBA’s best point guard and will go down in the Hall of Fame once he retires. Paul’s game is still lethal and teams still cannot find the right game plan to stop him. He’s averaging 18.1 PPG, 9.2 APG, and grabbing 5.0 RPG (tied for his career high). But even with those numbers, he still hasn’t reached the NBA Finals or even the Western Conference finals. He has been playing for LA Clippers for 7 years, giving them all of what he’s got. He immediately became the Clippers franchise player, but they still couldn’t get the Championship.

The only two teams from the Western Conference who never played in the NBA Finals are New Orleans Pelicans and Los Angeles Clippers. The fact is that Chris Paul played last 12 years for the Pelicans and Clippers and he never played in the NBA Finals.

Check all the playoff exits of Chris Paul in his career.

2008: 3-4 vs. San Antonio in the Second Round


2009: 1-4 vs. Denver in the First Round

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2011: 2-4 vs. LA Lakers in the First Round


2012: 0-4 vs. San Antonio in the Second Round


2013: 2-4 vs. Memphis in the First Round


2014: 2-4 vs. Oklahoma City in the Second Round


2015: 3-4 vs. Houston in the Second Round


2016: 2-4 vs. Portland in the First Round


2017: 2-4 vs Utah in the first round