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Check What Player Attribute You Get Based On Your Birth Month


When it comes to the legends that have played in the NBA, usually they have one outstanding trait or mannerism that makes them unique among their peers, even if they play the same position and hold similar averages.

Kobe had the 'Mamba Mentality', Jordan had that uncanny scoring ability, Magic had that 'Showtime' flair, and so on and so forth.

But have you ever wondered what player attribute you may possess? That one thing that's hidden inside you that only comes out when you're on the hardwood? You may think you possess Russell Westbrook's hustle or the Mamba Mentality, but we're here to tell you different, courtesy of @nbamemesgoat2 on Instagram.

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Just match your birth month to the player in the image to find out what player attribute you possess. Just a heads up, there isn't a single one that's better than the other.


Prayers up to whoever was born in February or May.