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Charles Barkley Makes His Pick In The Kobe vs LeBron Debate


The infamous Kobe Bryant vs LeBron James has been going on for years. While both guys are indisputable legends, nobody can seem to agree on who is actually better than who.

We've had a lot of players and legends comment over the years, but the latest person to take part in this epic debate may not even be a guy the people can trust.

His name is Charles Barkley, and he isn't very well liked among the masses. Even still, he has never been shy to speak his honest opinion in any matter of life. This Kobe/LeBron topic is no different, and he clearly demonstrated his opinion to the public in a list he made via CSN Philly.

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Not only do we get to see where Kobe and LeBron rank, but we also get to see who Charles thinks is in thier same status.

Barkley seems a big fan of Oscar Robertson and Kobe Bryant, as both are bravely placed ahead of other names that most would have listed above them.

Sadly for LeBron lovers, the trend for current end ex-NBA players leans toward a love for the Mamba.