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Carmelo Anthony Got Roasted By Twitter After Wish His Ex-Wife A Happy Valentine's Day


Well, it seems that Oklahoma City Thunder forward Carmelo Anthony hasn't gotten over things with his estranged ex-wife La La after their reported break up last year judging by his social media activity.

With Valentine's Day having recently just passed, love was in the air -- and that air had affected Carmelo Anthony -- who wished his ex a happy Valentine's Day over Twitter, disregarding their current relationship status.

When you consider the fact the two aren't really on the best of terms after their break up, the tweet comes off just a little weird, especially the way Melo emphasized the "MY WIFE" part. Twitter had the same opinion of the V-Day tweet, and let Carmelo hear about it.


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C'mon, take it easy guys.


It was Valentine's Day for crying out loud guys, at least let Melo be all up in his feels for one day a year.

If anything, at least Carmelo has probably learnt his lesson to not publicize his lingering feelings for his estranged wife over Twitter next Valentine's Day.