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Can You Survive The NBA Free Throw Challenge?

Imagine a world where the National Basketball Association was more like a game show than a sports league. You know, caring more about the entertainment and ratings than the actual product on the court.

In this world, people are turning away from the NBA and moving onto the much more entertaining sport of MMA, and Adam Silver has a dilemma on his hands. That's why he's gone to extreme measures to raise ratings through the roof.

Mr. Silver has trapped 20,000 fans inside an arena, promising them an NBA game, when in reality he's planned a sadistic game involving all of the fans.

Silver has rounded up 12 players, each one representing a month of the year. Each player will shoot two free throws. If they make both, everyone born in that month the player represents is free to leave. If they don't make both, everyone born in that particular month will be held captive and forced to work for the NBA under the new slave labor laws. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

You're one of the thousands of fans trapped in the arena. Do you escape, or are you destined to be an NBA slave for the rest of your life? Find out below.

January - Shaquille O'Neal


February - Steve Nash


March - LeBron James


April - Dwight Howard

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May - Joel Embiid

STEVEN M. FALK / Photographer

STEVEN M. FALK / Photographer

June - Steph Curry


July - Andre Drummond


August - Kevin Durant


September - DeAndre Jordan


October - Jose Calderon


November - Michael Jordan

AP Photo/Beth A. Keiser

AP Photo/Beth A. Keiser

December - LaVar Ball

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