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Calvin Roberts: The 61 Year Old Man Trying To Make The NBA

(Picture Credit: Good News Gum)

(Picture Credit: Good News Gum)

Age is only a number, right?

When you're in the NBA though, that number accounts for a whole lot. As athletes get older, they tend to lose their durability and athleticism. Usually, most NBA players are out of the league before they reach forty. And the few that play beyond that are unlikely to make a very big impact.

But what if I told you about one man who not wants to play in the NBA at age 61, but is actively trying to make a roster?

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That's the story of Calvin Roberts, who is 21 years older than the oldest player in the NBA. No, it's no joke or strange fluke. This is real, and Calvin ay actually have a chance.

Having been drafted in the fourth round of the 1980 NBA Draft by the San Antonio Spurs, Calvin never made the roster, and went on to play 15 years of pro-basketball overseas. And although having a largely successful career other places, he hasn't quite given up his dream of playing in the NBA just yet.

His goal is to make it into the Summer League, which he believes is close to happening. If he can compete with the young guys there, then who knows? Maybe his dream could become a reality.

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