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Big Baller Burn: Kyle Kuzma Takes Major Shot At LaVar Ball's Infamous Brand


For the Ball family, their high rise to fame has the whole league on notice.

For many, it's a love or hate type of relationship, and the family has received notions representing both sides. No matter what, though, it's hard to argue that LaVar hasn't made a name for his family.

Still, not everyone is willing to pay top dollar to have that name plastered on a hat.

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Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo's teammate and Rookie of The Year candidate, consideres himself among that crowd... well, sort of.

He'd probably be fine with spending less than $100 dollars for some Big Baller merchandise. He's surely got the money for it. But when it comes to paying $600 for a hat, he's not entirely sold on the idea. He recently took to Instagram to relay these feelings to the public, and the reaction was pretty heavy.

Clearly, this is nothing personal. But the fact that Kuzma made his honest feelings known in this case is pretty entertaining. The only question now relates to how LaVar will respond... because we know he will, one way or another.