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Another Story Of Kobe Bryant's Insane Work Ethic


For Kobe Bryant, great was never good enough. He always wanted more, he always needed something more.

We've all heard stories of the insane work ethic of Kobe, detailing the long hours he'd spend in the gym. Ex-NBA player Jay Williams shares a similar story regarding an encounter with the Mamba.

It begins with Williams preparing for a game against the Lakers. Facing off against Shaq and Kobe, Jay explains that he felt motivated to hit the gym a little early that day, and promised not to leave until he made 400 shots. As it would turn out, Kobe had beat Williams to the gym and had even worked up a sweat before the then-Bulls guard even had time to take his first dribble. After Jay finished his workout, he detailed how Kobe was still going at it, like he'd only been there a few minutes. At one point, Williams even waited for Bryant to finish, saying he'd just sat there watching him for about 25 minutes before electing to prepare for the game ahead.

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In the end, after the game (in which Kobe dropped 40+), Williams asked the icon why he was in the gym so long that day, to which he responded with this:

"Cause I saw you come in and I wanted you to know that it doesn't matter how hard you work that I'm willing to work harder than you. You inspire me to do better."

No doubt, this is yet another Kobe quote that'll be immortalized. It demonstrates not only the level of his work ethic but the heights of his competitiveness. Fair to say the Mamba proved his point there.

And while Kobe Bryant may not be in the NBA anymore, the impressions he made on his fellow athletes are still making waves today.