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Al Horford's Sister Destroys Mia Khalifa After Shocking Tweet About Gordon Hayward's Injury

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The start of the NBA season was met with joy and excitement from fans everywhere, but only 6 minutes into the opening game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics, those emotions turned to shock and horror when Gordon Hayward suffered one of the most extreme injuries on a basketball court since Paul George's USA scrimmage injury.

Fans in the stands were visibly distraught at the sight of Hayward on the court in pain, both Cavs and Celtics fans alike, and support poured in from all over the NBA and the Twittersphere, with players sending their prayers to Hayward and his family.

Unfortunately, though, there were a few people out there who took the opportunity to crack basketball jokes at Gordon's expense, one of them being former pornstar Mia Khalifa.

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Khalifa has partnered up with ex-NBA player Gilbert Arenas to start up an online talk show revolving around sports, but after a take like this, the show doesn't look that appealing.

Anna Horford, the sister of Hayward's teammate Al Horford, got wind of the tweet, and had three simple words to put Khalifa in her place.


As you can see from the disparity between the retweets and likes on each tweet, the majority of fans share the same sentiment as Horford's sister.

If Khalifa wants this new talk show thing to succeed, she should stay away from controversial topics such as a season-ending injury to a beloved All-Star player such as Hayward.