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A Single Instagram Post By LeBron James Is Worth A Ridiculous Amount Of Money

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

What if I told you that just one of LeBron James' posts on Instagram is worth more than most people will make in a year?

No, that's not a joke. HooperHQ just unveiled a "Top 10 Rich List," in which the system lists which people's posts are worth the most money. LeBron James was in the top 10, with over 30 million followers and an influence that stretches all around the globe.

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So how much does a LeBron post on Instagram actually cost? At least $120,000. That's right, if you want a sponsorship from LeBron via Instagram, you'd have to really break the bank to get it done.

Over the years, the number of stars using social media to make money had increased dramatically. They're realizing that there's serious money involved here. For James, no doubt all types of athletic brands are calling on him to show off their products in his posts. And he'd be a fool not to listen.

So next time you look at a LeBon Instagram post, remember that sometimes a picture really is worth more than a thousand words.