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A Shocking Truth About The NBA Draft: Two Women Have Been Drafted


The WNBA has gained a lot of ground over the past decade or so, featuring some of the most beloved and respected female athletes of the globe and constantly improving the quality of the league with better staffs, better players and of course, way more fans.

Besides, women have been making a statement in this game for a very long time now, with people like Becky Hammon entering the San Antonio Spurs as a key member of the coaching staff and even managing their Summer League squad.

Nonetheless, even if much people don't know about it, there have been a couple of women that were actually called out to play with the dudes, being drafted out of college by NBA teams despite how odd that may seem.

Today, we’ll let you know about those true feminist icons, a couple of girls that were very likely to humiliate you one on one, and at that time, they were better than LaVar Ball, for sure.

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Denise Long


Born in 1951 in a small town of Iowa, Denise really enjoyed playing a huge variety of sports, averaging over 60 points during his early years in his hometown to become a major celebrity and catch the eye of pretty much every sports fan in the block, although back in the day female basket was played 3 vs 3 with 3 players on offense and 3 on defense that constantly alternated and allowed attackers to rest while the rest of the team was guarding.

So, after those kind of amazing performances, the San Francisco Warriors were obviously interested in the talented and prolific scorer, drafting her with the 174th pick of the 13th round of the 1969 NBA draft, although she was never able to actually made his professional debut in the NBA and it was considered more of a publicity stunt than anything else, so the league actually vetoed the pick.

Lusia Harris

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Delta State Universe and 3 time champion at a college level is considered to be one of the most important (and first) figures in women’s basketball overall, even achieving the silver medal with Team USA during the 1976 Olympics, and being a standout player for the WBL or Women Basketball League, the WNBA’s predecessor.

But, what made have an ever bigger impact on the history of women in sports is the fact that he was also drafted by an NBA squad: the New Orleans Jazz, that chose her with the 137th overall pick of the 7th round of the 1977 NBA Draft. Still, she stated that he had no interest in playing in a men's league whatsoever, so she declined the offer until it was finally revealed that she was actually pregnant at the time. Officially, she’ll go down as the lone women to ever be drafted, considering Long’s pick was vetoed by the league at the time.