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A Lithuanian Reporter asked LiAngelo Ball Out On A Date During Their Press Conference


LaVar Ball made headlines for seemingly the upteenth time last month when he announced he'd be pulling both LaMelo and LiAngelo out of their respective schools to train them for the NBA draft. It was later revealed that Ball had come to an agreement with a pro team over in Lithuania to sign his two sons.

Cue the headlines, as the media went mad. News spread like wildfire the two brothers of Lonzo Ball had signed over in Europe, which brought a wave of publicity to the small Lithuanian team, Prienu Vytautas.

Well, the Ball brothers have finally arrived in Lithuania, and have already had their first practice session and media conference, which unsurprisingly, was full of highlights.

Straight off the bat, a female reporter has already asked LiAngelo out on a date (sort of).

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The reporter asked LiAngelo if he had a girlfriend, to which LiAngelo replied, "no comment."

Via FanSided:

"A female reporter asked LaVar’s middle son if he has a girlfriend. After being asked to repeat the question, she seamlessly re-stated it and asked for an answer without really missing a beat or appearing to have gotten flustered at all (at least based on how the audio sounds). LiAngelo eventually responded with a “no comment”, and LaMelo sunk into his chair."

A picture of the female in question was then later released.

It seems that the Lithuanian media have already welcomed the Ball family with open arms, judging by the reception they had at the airport and the questions they received during the press conference.

You have to hand it to Pavliukovic for her confidence -- and who knows -- their relationship could be an ongoing storyline during the Ball's first season in Lithuania.