8 Former NBA Players You Forgot About That Are Now Playing Overseas

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The NBA isn't for everyone. That's just a fact. There are only 30 teams in the league, each with 15 roster spots, giving -- give or take -- 450 spots that thousand's of players are competing for.

That means that there's bound to be a few talented guys that just don't have that it factor to make it in the association, but are still unbelievable players, so they decide to pursue their basketball careers in other parts of the world. Whether that be Europe, China or Australia. And more often than not, because of the level of talent in those other countries -- especially China -- former NBA players absolutely dominate.

Here are 8 former NBA players you may have forgotten about who now play overseas.

8. Andray Blatche - Xinjiang Flying Tigers (China)


7. J.J Hickson - Jiangsu Tongxi (China)


6. Jason Thompson - Fenerbahce (Turkey)


5. Samuel Dalembert - Shanxi Zhongyu (China)


4. Josh Childress - Sydney Kings (Australia)


3. Robert Sacre - Hitachi Sun-Rockers Tokyo Shibua (Japan)


2. Jimmer Fredette - Shanghai Sharks (China)


1. Stephon Marbury - Beijing Fly Dragons (China)