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5 NBA Players That Would Be Perfect For The Super Bowl

5 NBA Players That Would Be Perfect For The Super Bowl

Amid the city of Philadelphia celebrating that Superbowl win against the New England Patriots, we can’t help but to be impressed with some of the vast athleticism and skill set some NFL players like Rob Gronkowski or Alshon Jeffery can bring to the table.

For ages, young athletes have been playing football and basketball simultaneously during their high school tenure, with several NBA players like Allen Iverson or LeBron James being standout two discipline players.

So, after watching the biggest game of the season, our imagination flew and made us think about which NBA players may thrive playing football as well. Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 5 NBA guys that could definitely be in the Super Bowl.

QB: Kevin Love

Kevin Love is your average quarterback: A tall white man with a very strong arm and accuracy from deep. He's not that mobile and may struggle out of the pocket, but he’s already proven to be a great quarterback with his usual full-court passes out of an inbound to set his teammates up at the other end.

RB: Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook has the exact type of archetype build to be an outstanding running back. He’s one of the fastest players in the league, he’s quite strong, athletic and crafty to find open spaces, he’s quite quick to change directions and also, he’s one of the fiercest most hard-nosed guys you’ll find on an NBA hardwood. Also, his height is perfect for the position.

WR: Giannis Antetokounmpo

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Are you kidding me? If you think Julio Jones, Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham Jr make outstanding catches, could you just imagine the Greek Freak running routes on the open field? Giannis is perhaps the most athletic player in the league and with his enormous hands and huge wingspan, there simply won’t be a guy able to cover him.

TE: LeBron James

LeBron James used to play football when he was young, and he’s shown to be a diehard NFL fan year in and year out. Also, with the kind of body he has, he’s perfectly suited to play the Tight End spot, having the ability to block with great ease. Besides, his good hands and height would make him a deadly threat in the end zone or slant routes.

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CB: Paul George

Paul George would be a top-tier secondary player with his speed, height and athleticism. We’ve all seen him take off with his ability to hop with a huge vertical leap, and considering he’s a master when it comes to reading passing lanes (he’s actually leading the league in steals) and deflections, he’d be a lock to have at least one interception per game.