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5 Mind-Blowing Workout Routines From Pro Athletes

5 Mind-Blowing Workout Routines From Pro Athletes

If you follow the NBA closely, or any national sports league for that matter, you’ve probably been in awe of athletes’ physiques for some time. Being an athlete looks glamorous and amazing, but underneath the incredible lifestyle and bundles of cash, there’s an unbeatable grind that makes it all happen.

Have you ever wanted to look like your favourite athlete? You’ll need to invest some time and energy to make that happen! In this post we’ll show you 5 mind-blowing athlete workout routines that you can try - or at least partially try! - in the gym or at home.

Let’s get to it!

1. NFL player JJ Watts’ workout routine.

JJ Watts plays for the Arizona Cardinals, and is widely known as one of the most handsome, muscular athletes in the NFL these days. These players don’t joke around when it comes to their fitness, which is why they have such power, speed and endurance on the field.

This NFL player’s workout consists largely of eating a huge number of calories and exerting himself enormously each day through strength training and cardio. JJ Watts stands at six foot five and weighs almost three hundred pounds, and the guy can box jump the height of a 5ft1 person without breaking a sweat!

NFL players focus largely on core strength to put themselves in peak condition for football. They need to act as a wall of flesh against their opponents, meaning their ability to ground themselves and stand up to the enemy should be enormous. JJ Watts, and the rest of the players in the NFL, don’t half-ass their workouts.

2. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Wrestling Workout Routine

We all know who The Rock is, and frankly, we’ve all wondered just how he does what he does. This former WWE champion weighs in at 118kg at 6ft 5 inches tall. Dwayne Johnson doesn’t shy away from his sheer size - in fact, he leans into it with monster workouts that make most of us tired just reading about them!

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Here’s how The Rock maintains his amazing body

Johnson starts his workout with a run - around thirty to fifty minutes - before he settles into the gym for some strength training. The Rock trains for six days per week, and he has the muscle mass to show for it. Not all of us can train to look like this fine specimen of a man, but we can sure as hell try!

3. Roger Federer’s Tennis Pro Workout

Roger Federer, the lean, mean Swiss tennis machine, is one of those athletes that men want to be, and women want to be with. Federer is an unbelievably impressive athlete, with twenty grand slams under his belt - second only to female tennis champion Margaret Court, with 24.

A tennis pro’s workout is somewhat different from an NFL star or a WWE wrestler - tennis players are lean, agile, and built for endurance as well as resistance. So how does Federer maintain his impeccable physique and endurance on the tennis court?

Federer combines tennis training with conditioning workouts, balancing cardiovascular fitness with muscle tone and core strength.

Federer trains for four hours per day - not exactly achievable by a regular person with a full time job - but his tenacity is applaudable. This athlete isn’t messing around, and at the age of thirty nine, is still going strong as one of the best tennis players in the world.

4. Jessica Ennis-Hill’s Running Tips

Jessica Ennis-Hill, the gold medal winning British runner, has unbelievable stamina and impressive muscle tone that is enviable to many. Ennis-Hill has been competing for almost twenty years, and has honed the perfect workout and diet combination that makes her a gold medal champion.

As a professional runner, Ennis-Hill focuses on endurance and core strength in her daily workouts. Ennis-Hill doesn’t need to work out for hours a day - in fact, sometimes she just works out for twenty minutes to complete her fitness goals for the day.

Ennis-Hill combines cardio with weight training to maintain her low body fat and high muscle mass.

5. Michael Phelps’ Swimming Prowess

Michael Phelps, the man who raced a great white shark, is known throughout the world as a phenomenal swimming athlete. Phelps swims a minimum of 80 kilometres per week, which, in itself, is an astonishing amount of exercise that most of us couldn’t dream of.

But he doesn’t stop there. In peak training season, Phelps swims multiple times per day, often motivating his workouts with music that he listens to through waterproof headphones!

To fuel this unbelievable athletic feat, Phelps often eats 10,000 calories per day to maintain his muscle mass. It’s not a sport, it’s a lifestyle for Phelps; he truly is an outstanding athlete.

Final Thoughts

If there’s one thing you can take away from reading about these amazing athletes and their incredible workouts, it’s that consistency and tenacity will get you far. These guys weren’t born with the skills they have today, they earned them through consistent grind.