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Whether you're the perfect basketball player on your team or you hold down a position at the end of the bench, there's always room for improvement. Professional players like LeBron James and Stephen Curry work tirelessly to refine their skills, basketball IQ, power, strength, and agility. So, if you want to showcase your basketball skills to your friends, it will take more than just throwing those three-pointer shots. You need to put in effort and dedication to become exceptional at basketball. For this reason, consider adding the tips below into your daily routine and watch your skills soar.

1. Have A High Basketball IQ

Let's admit it, Kevin Durant didn't become an exceptional player by reasoning like the average player. No. He has had to master his craft to become skillful at what he does. Always endeavor to learn and practice the game to become a pro. There are many resources out there that you can read or watch to improve your basketball IQ. While at it, you need to ensure you have the right equipment for the game. You can start with buying a portable basketball hoop as this will come in handy when you want to practice at home or in an area where there's no basketball court. Also, try and increase your position IQ. This means you need to familiarize yourself with the skills, fundamentals, and conditioning needed in basketball. 2. Refine Your Passing Ability2. Refine Your Passing Ability

2. Refine Your Passing Ability

Even though Steve Nash never won a championship, he won basketball fans' hearts and minds with his infinite creative passes. Nash managed to do this multiple times every game every single season, and it never got old. Passing is a skill every basketball player needs to master. Generally, there are two ways to pass. One is a chest pass where you pass the ball to a teammate without it bouncing. The second is a bounce pass. This is where you bounce the ball once before passing it to a team member. In most cases, this is the hardest pass for an opponent to intercept, so work on your passes.

3. Learn To Navigate A Defender


Trying to score against a defender means you force them to decide quickly, then react to that decision. To do this perfectly, pay keen attention to your defender's hands, nose, and feet. In most cases, their position can indicate how you need to handle the ball. This allows you to create space using jabs, crossovers, and jab steps. Also, try and use your shoulder against your defender's chest to take more space. This makes your body a shield between the defender and the ball. So, how do you make a defender react? Try a pull dribble. This makes the defenders react so you can assess them and counter.

Beyond the tips above, you'll need to practice consistently and put in the work needed to excel in basketball. If you play for a local team, impress your friends by being a team player. Like any other sport, good sportsmanship is essential in basketball. Generally, you can only get so far in any sport on your own. You need to be humble and work together with your coach and teammates. All the best!

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