Finally, with the deadline less than a week away, NBA trade deals have been going down in a very dramatic fashion.

And even though the Cavaliers have not been a part of any of those deals, that is expected to change very soon. With many assets, and a slew of possible targets, the team is almost guaranteed to make a trade come next week.

But when it comes to their prized Brooklyn Nets pick, they’ll only trade that for a very specific looking offer.

According to Terry Pluto of, the Cavs are only willing to part with the pick for a young star on a rookie deal, not for any short term solutions.

“I keep hearing the Cavs absolutely won’t trade the Brooklyn draft pick. That’s not true. I’ve heard from top league sources the Cavs will do it — but not for a short-term answer such as DeAndre Jordan. That’s because Jordan can become a free agent at the end of the season.”

What Cleveland does in these next few days will have a huge impact on how they look moving forward. Do this right, and they’ll cement themselves as the dominant force in the East. Mess it up, and they could be back at square one.

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    Shumpert and Frye are commonly mentioned because of their contracts. Cleveland would have to send out close to Deandre’s cap hit in order to make the trade work.

    Shumpert’s contract expires after next season and Frye’s expires after this season. So if the Clippers don’t expect Deandre to re-sign (or aren’t interested in re-signing him in the first place), this deal would make some sense for LA. Clear cap space for 2018 and 2019 and pick up a first round pick.

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