Dwyane Wade is arguably a top 3 shooting guard in NBA history based on the career he’s had thus far, as the 36 year old has done about all there is to do in the association.

Before moving off to Chicago back in 2016, Wade was considered one of the premier shooting guards in the NBA for almost the entirety of his career, and even though he doesn’t have an MVP award in his collection, he does have three championship rings, as well as 12 All-Star appearances.

If you asked Wade who he credits for his success in the NBA, his answer would most likely involve his late agent Hank Thomas, who Wade considered family.

If you may recall, we reported that Wade would be missing time from the Cavs after a family emergency he had to attend to. We’ve now learned that the emergency in question was regarding the passing of Thomas.

Obviously, considering how close Wade was with Thomas, he’s taken the death of his agent very hard, and has offered up a heartfelt Instagram post to honor the life of Hank.

Dear Hank, I’m writing this letter to you as i cry both tears of SADNESS and tears of JOY. I know— i know—i can hear your voice saying “Come on my man”you got this! I can picture your face and feel your hugs in so—so many moments in my life. Whether it’s you hugging me and saying how proud you are of me or congrats on winning a NBA championship or you hugging me and saying everything’s gonna be alright—we will get thru this. I can’t thank you enough for these last 15 years. You should be so proud of the job you did on this young misguided kid from Chicago. I was a young 21 when we met and i needed a Man’s love. My dad and i had things to work out and i was leaving my father figure Coach Crean—so you stepped in right away and became that MAN i desperately needed. I hate saying my “agent” because you have always been way more than that to me. I cry these tears because selfishly i wanted you to be there when i got my jersey retired or when i gave my hall of fame speech or when i had a daughter. I got so many questions on how to raise a strong, confident, intelligent, independent black woman. I hope you don’t mind but i will still be calling on you for guidance. I love you Henry(Hank)Thomas—THANK YOU for loving me right back. Be at peace—We( your family)got this!!! Your son Dwyane!

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As you can tell, Thomas had a huge impact on Wade‘s life, stepping in as a father figure after Wade left high school. Thomas stuck with Wade throughout his entire career as you can tell from the Instagram post, being there for all of Dwyane’s most important moments, including being drafted by the Heat in 2003, winning his first-ever title in 2006 alongside Shaquille O’Neal, winning two more in 2012 and 2013 with LeBron James, becoming the face of Li-Ning, a Chinese sneaker brand, and of course, becoming a father.

We offer our condolences to Henry Thomas’ family, and Wade and his family.

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