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It’s no secret that Kobe Bean Bryant is one of the greatest scorers in the history of the NBA. The 6’6 shooting guard out of Lower Merion finished his career with a whopping 33,643 points, good enough to finish third on the all-time list of points scored in a career. Not only that, but Kobe averaged 25 points a game for his entire 20-year career, placing him 12th all-time on the career PPG average leaders list.

Even though many took Kobe‘s skillset for granted — especially non-Laker fans — most still respected his scoring prowess, as Bryant has torched every franchise in the NBA at least once. But many forget just how long Kobe was good for, as it’s extremely difficult to play for 20 years while being among the best scorers season in and season out.

A Reddit user by the name of MiopTop has proven to everyone just how dominant Kobe’s longevity in the NBA was, by discovering that there was a difference of 14 years between the first time Kobe led the league in scoring and the last time he topped the scoring charts.

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In fact, Bryant was younger than Kristaps Porzingis is now (22 years and 102 days old, a month younger than current Porzingis) when he first led the league in scoring, and was older than Dwyane Wade is now (36 years and 106 days old, 4 months older than current D-Wade) when he last led the league.

“He first led the league in PPG average on December 3rd, 2000… He last led the league in PPG average on December 7th, 2014,”

“That’s a total of 14 years between the first and last time Kobe led the league in scoring (for context, Larry Bird’s entire career lasted 13 years, and Magic’s lasted 12 if you count out the ’96 mini-comeback)”

The fact that Kobe was that dominant of a scorer that he was the best scorer in the league at once point 14 years apart speaks volumes about Bryant’s longevity. Sure, he may have broken down towards the final seasons of his career, but even that doesn’t discredit the Black Mamba’s two scoring titles and that final 60-point performance against the Utah Jazz.

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