Getting blocked is never a fun feeling. Seeing your shot being sent the other direction or up into the 2nd row can be extremely demoralizing, and only gets worse if your shot is sucked into the hands of a player such as Hassan Whiteside, who has snatched his fair share of balls straight out of the air.

We all know who some of the best shot-blockers in the league are just by looking at the blocks per game stat — Kristaps Porzingis leads the league with 2.22 blocks per contest — but what about the players who get swatted the most at the rim?

Wonder no more, as we present the top 10 players who have been blocked the most this season.


10. James Harden – 23 Blocks Against


9. Tyreke Evans – 24 Blocks Against


8. Blake Griffin – 24 Blocks Against


7. Avery Bradley – 25 Blocks Against

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports


6. DeMarcus Cousins – 25 Blocks Against


5. C.J. McCollum – 26 Blocks Against


4. Damian Lillard – 27 Blocks Against


3. Dennis Schroder – 28 Blocks Against


2. Victor Oladipo – 30 Blocks Against


1. Dennis Smith Jr. – 37 Blocks Against

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