Rebounding is often a forgotten skill when it comes to wings and guards in the NBA, as glass cleaning is almost exclusively reserved for the big men in the association.

It’s very unusual to see a guard average more than 4-5 boards a game, so when a player that isn’t blessed with the height of some of the league’s best rebounders is fighting for rebounds like a madman every game, it’s a sight to see, even if fans accuse them of stat-padding.

A Reddit user by the name of sip-em_bears has gone to the effort of listing the most recent players in league history to average 10+ rebounds a game at every height. The biggest take away from all of this? Russell Westbrook is the shortest (6’3″) player in NBA history to average double-digit rebounds, something which speaks about his hustle and intensity when he’s on the hardwood.

You can check out the rest of the list down below.


6’2″ Or Shorter – Never

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

6’3″ – Russell Westbrook (2017)


6’4″ – Cliff Hagan (1960)

NBAE Photos/NBAE/Getty Images


6’5″ – Johnny Green (1970)


6’6″ – Charles Barkley (1999)


6’7″ – Gerald Wallace (2010)


6’8″ – Reggie Evans (2013)


6’9″ – Julius Randle (2016)


6’10” Or Taller – Multiple Players In 2017

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

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