With the recent news that former Boston Celtic Isaiah Thomas now leads the Celtics in career points per game while with the team, overtaking Larry Bird for the honor with 24.7 points per game compared to Bird’s 24.3, that got us here at Fadeaway World thinking. Which players lead each franchise in the NBA is career points per game average?

Of course, dominant scorers such as Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan will definitely appear on this list, but what about the less popular franchises, such as the Memphis Grizzlies or Toronto Raptors?

Join us as we count down the top scorer for each team in the NBA.


Philadelphia 76ers – Wilt Chamberlain (27.6 PPG)


Milwaukee Bucks – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (30.4 PPG)


Chicago Bulls – Michael Jordan (31.5 PPG)


Cleveland Cavaliers – LeBron James (27.2 PPG)


Boston Celtics – Isaiah Thomas (24.7 PPG)


Los Angeles Clippers – World B. Free (29.4 PPG)


Memphis Grizzlies – Shareef Abdur-Rahim (20.8 PPG)


Miami Heat – LeBron James (26.9 PPG)

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Atlanta Hawks – Dominique Wilkins (26.4 PPG)


Charlotte Hornets – Glen Rice (23.5 PPG)


Utah Jazz – Adrian Dantley (29.6 PPG)


New York Knicks – Bob McAdoo (26.7 PPG)


Sacramento Kings – Oscar Robertson (29.3 PPG)


Los Angeles Lakers – Elgin Baylor (27.4 PPG)


Dallas Mavericks – Mark Aguirre (24.6 PPG)


Orlando Magic – Tracy McGrady (28.1 PPG)


Brooklyn Nets – Rick Barry (30.6 PPG)


Denver Nuggets – Alex English (25.9 PPG)


Indiana Pacers – George McGinnis (19.6 PPG)


New Orleans Pelicans – Anthony Davis (22.4 PPG)


Detroit Pistons – Bob Lanier (22.7 PPG)


Toronto Raptors – Vince Carter (23.4 PPG)


Houston Rockets – James Harden (27.4 PPG)


San Antonio Spurs – George Gervin (26.3 PPG)


Phoenix Suns – Charlie Scott (24.8 PPG)


Oklahoma City Thunder – Kevin Durant (27.4 PPG)


Minnesota Timberwolves – Karl-Anthony Towns (21.7 PPG)



Portland Trail Blazers –¬†Kiki Vandeweghe (23.5 PPG)


Golden State Warriors – Wilt Chamberlain (41.5 PPG)


Washington Wizards – Walt Bellamy (27.6 PPG)

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  1. what is this shitty top ? means nothing, why ther is Isaiah Thomas, KAT or McGinnis ?

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