When you think of two things that could not be more uniersally apart, Pokemon and the NBA might just pop into your head.

I mean, what comparisons can you draw from a monster catching Nintendo game and a sport where you throw a ball into a hoop. Pretty much none right?

Well don’t tell that to Reddit user deezlobs, who has created crossover (pardon the pun) logos for every team in the NBA and certain Pokemon, and they’re actually pretty damn sweet.

Take a look for yourself:


ATLANTA BRAVIARY – Atlanta Hawks x Braviary


BOSTON PANSAGE – Boston Celtics x Pansage


BROOKLYN SENTRETS – Brooklyn Nets x Sentret


CHARLOTTE BEEDRILLS – Charlotte Hornets x Beedrill


CHICAGO TAUROS – Chicago Bulls x Tauros


CLEVELAND PAWNIARD – Cleveland Cavaliers x Pawniard


DALLAS PONYTA – Dallas Mavericks x Ponyta


DENVER PATRATS – Denver Nuggets x Patrat


DETROIT KLANGS – Detroit Pistons x Klang


GOLDEN STATE WARTORTLES – Golden State Warriors x Wartortle


HOUSTON TEAM ROCKETS – Houston Rockets x Team Rocket


INDIANA PACHIRISUS – Indiana Pacers x Pachirisu


LA CLOYSTERS – LA Clippers x Cloyster


LOS ANGELES LAPRAS – Los Angeles Lakers x Lapras


MEMPHIS BEARTICS – Memphis Grizzlies x Beartic


MIAMI INFERNAPE – Miami Heat x Infernape


MILWAUKEE SAWSBUCK – Milwaukee Bucks x Sawsbuck


MINNESOTA MIGHTYENAS – Minnesota Timberwolves x Mightyena


NEW ORLEANS PELIPPERS – New Orleans Pelicans x Pelipper


NEW YORK KOFFING – New York Knicks x Koffing


OKLAHOMA CITY ZAPDOS – Oklahoma City Thunder x Zapdos


ORLANDO MAGIKARP – Orlando Magic x Magikarp


PHILADELPHIA VULPIXERS – Philadelphia 76ers x Vulpix


PHOENIX SUNFLORAS – Phoenix Suns x Sunflora

PORTLAND TRAILBLAZIKENS – Portland Trailblazers x Blaziken


SAN ANTONIO SKORUPIS – San Antonio Spurs x Skorupi


SACRAMENTO SLOWKINGS – Sacramento Kings x Slowking


UTAH JIGGLYPUFF – Utah Jazz x Jigglypuff


WASHINGTON MIMES – Washington Wizards x Mime Jr.

TORONOTO CHARMELEONS – Toronto Raptors x Charmeleon

Which one is your favorite?

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