In the past, NBA 2k cover athletes usually have one of the best ratings in the game. Whether it’s LeBron James, Kevin Durant, or Steph Curry, the athletes on the cover have always been way ahead of the curb.

But with Kyrie Irving, that wasn’t the case. Apparently,¬†2k18 gave him a 90 overall rating. That’s right, 90. As fans, it’s easy for us to get mad and wonder what they were thinking. But as a player, Kyrie had an awesome response when he found out the news.

He unapprovingly shook his head, while making a promise he’d make the game developers raise his rating by the end of the season. It looks like he’ll be using his disappointing¬†rating as motivation for his game.

95? 98? 93? What should Irving’s real rating be?


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