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LaVar ball strikes more than a few people’s nerve. Joel Embiid was no exception. Embiid took to social media to share his thoughts on LaVar.

"F–k LaVar Ball" – @JoelEmbiid

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Well, he used very vulgar language in a video he posted about LaVar, which the NBA didn’t like. They fined Embiid $10,000 and that should have been the end of it.

Instead, however, the city of Philadelphia rallied behind the star by starting a GoFundMe named “Pay JoJo’s Fine” to pay his fine. While Embiid shouldn’t have any difficulty paying the fine with his $6 million salary, it didn’t stop the fans from trying to make their voices heard.

Basically, 230 people have raised 2,657 dollars to say with one loud voice “F— LaVar Ball!” While it’s a completely petty and unnecessary fundraiser, it sure is fun to see all of Philly unite under it’s favorite star.

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